Monday, 20 November 2017

Tesla’s new mobile battery pack to charge your phone

Tesla’s newest product is a mobile battery pack to charge your phone

              Recently,Tesla's has launched electric Semi truck and the fastest production car ever made in this week.And they launched another product in same week which is mobile battery pack which can be used to charge your mobiles and other devices.

This mobile battery pack named Aptly,In terms of function it has built in usb and micro usb,that you don't need to carry any external cord.Coming to the battery it is actually(sorta) the same one which powers tesla's car.The company says the battery pack uses single cell 18650( standard lithium-ion cell used in every Tesla made before the Model 3).

In terms of battery capacity ,the battery pack has 3350 mAh capacity.But this may be disappointing for those have big battery mobiles.And Its output is 5V/1.5A,which is equal to other company power banks.

But the price of the mobile battery pack is 45$.where the same specification mobile battery packs comes under 9$.what's the fun is that?

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